viernes, 13 de abril de 2012

Learn to play Rugby

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  1. I think it's a very brutal game but it seems like the players are having fun.

    By Juan Granja López 4ºA

  2. I agree with Juan, but I think strategy is more important than it seems to be.
    By Guido Brusco

  3. Pablo Cea Arestín Nº 10
    I think that rugby is a very hard game with a lot of concepts to play, in wich the winner will be the strongest and more intelligent team.

    1. ooooooooo ooooooooooo oooooooooo ooh

  4. Manuel Quintas 4ºB
    I think this a hard game but it's based in a great strategy and for is funny and amusing.

  5. In my opinion rugby is an strategic and contact sport but it could be funny playing it.
    Ana Arias 4ºB

  6. In my opinion rugby is a nice sport, that required a good fitness to play better and which requires hours of training to learn the best tactics in every moment of the match.

    Alejandro Baña Tomé Nº6 4ºB

  7. In my point of view rugby is a very hard and strategic sport that requires a good physical condition, but also it seems to be funny!
    Ana Moure 21 4ºA

  8. You don´t have too see so much these sport to understand that is a little bit wild and violent play (look those detensions for exemple), but if you´re interesting about it, or if you like these sport, I think that, probably, you will enjoy it.

  9. To play it you have to know the strategy and have many knowledges about this sport.
    But it´s very interesting and cool.
    Alejandro González López nº14 4ºA

  10. It seems to me that brutal effort is not as important as strategy in this sport. Sometimes, the player that scores use much more his intelligence and strategy than their body. I think it´s also a very hard sport but interesting if you know how to play it properly.

    Pablo Freijido Álvarez 4ºC Nº10

  11. it's a very hard and brutal game, it requires a good physical condition and a great strategy.

    Lara Couso 4ºC

  12. in my opinion is a very hard sport , with required a good physical conditions, a special place to practise it, maybe it can produce injuries.

    Noelia Ares 4 B

  13. I think it´s a very agresive and difficult sport and you must have good physical conditions but it´s very interest too.

    Antía Moledo Nº20 4ºESO A

  14. In my opinion, rugby is a very difficult sport, so, strategy is very important if you don´t have a good physical conditions. Anyways, it would be interesting to learn mora about this hard sport.
    Aida Ouro Couselo 4ºA Nº22

  15. In my opinion it is a very hard game, that requires a very god physical training and very god techniques of game. Will be interesting play this sport.
    Clara Rivas Costa nº 24 4º C

  16. Peneeeeeeeeeee

    Pd: mu bonicos los videos xD

    Sara Viñuela Martin 4eso c 32

  17. I think it´s a very agresive sport.It must require lots of physical training.

    Marta Silva Moreira Nº27 4ºC

  18. Silvia Vázquez Peñamaría 4ºC18 de abril de 2012, 22:51

    In my opinion rugby is a hard sport which required strategy and a great skill.

  19. I don't like this sport at all, but I supose that is interesting to play it if you understand the rules and you have a good physical condition.

    Laura López Cortiña nº16 4ºC

  20. Rugby is a very hard sport that requires a big team's effort, good physical conditions and a good strategy.

    María San José Suárez Nº26 4ºC

  21. I like rugby is a nice sport.

    M.Pumares Núñez 4B

  22. I think rugby is a discipline sport, with thecniques very difficult but also its a nice sport for learn how to be in a group

    Uxía Ramos Varela Nº 23 4º C

  23. The video is fantastic,amazing.

  24. I think that´s this is a very good sport
    Jorge Álvarez 4ESOB N2

  25. Rugby is really nice but to play it you must have a very good physical
    Carlos Sommoza 28 4 ESO C

  26. Rugby it's in my opinion a funny game, that requires lots of hours of trainning fro playing well(as in all the sports id you want tp succeed) it's also hard and you must be well-prepaired to support the physical effort that this game/sport requires. But the most important tning it is the team ;)
    Cristina Otero Reboredo 4C n 22

  27. Paula Tabernero Pazos 4'C19 de abril de 2012, 19:03

    Rugby is a hard game, but it looks pretty cool.

  28. Yago Pazos Couto 4 ESO A 2319 de abril de 2012, 19:22

    I think rugby means more strategy than it seems at first, i think that the most important thing here it's to go forwards until you can't and then pass it back, to make new spaces and advance.

  29. After I saw the videos, I got the impression that rugby could be a really fun sport yet really hard to understand because of all the names and the rules.
    I think it is a great sport and it is not necessarily violent if you play it with your friends. Then again, in the pro level, it appears to be a bit violent.
    It seems that all players must be ready to catch the ball and they have to be able to run fast. As the video said, the team has to be organizad in order to succed. I could see in the video that all players must be in sync to win the game.
    Finally, i think that some of the strategies are kinda risky but if done well, it's awesome.
    As a conclusion, i think that rugby is a really well planned sport.

    Cristina Martínez Nº 18 4ºC

  30. In my opinion, rugby is a very brutal sport because if you want to win you will hit the components of the other team, not all the time. For example the tackles (placajes). But, if you know well the strategy you will play very well and enjoy it. That is the most important thing!

    Carlota Cirilo 4ºC - Nº 5

  31. There's no doubt it is a very hard game that requires you to have a lot of strenght and physical endurance, but I think it's fun to play.
    Iago Regueira Rodriguez ESO A

  32. I think that rugby is a hard sport, that requires strategy and also a good physical condition. In this sport you need to play with your team to win or to play it well. It will be funny to play.
    Marta González Ferrín 4ºESO C

  33. rugby it´s a very hard sport, the most important thing it´s the pass. it´s too funny and i like it :) it´s a team sport , it´s very important that :P
    samantha lamas carvalho 4º eso c nº 14